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Golden Empire Real Estate maintains a policy of strict confidence concerning personal information it obtains. Our privacy policy has been developed in accordance with the national privacy principles of the commonwealth privacy act 1988 (privacy act).

How do we collect the personal information?

Where possible, we will collect your personal information directly from you. We may do this in person, in writing, by telephone, email and through our website.

For prospective tenants, personal information will mainly be collected through online or hard copy tenancy application forms when applying to rent a property.

For property owners, personal information will mainly be collected when the owner or agent asks us to sell or manage a property on the owner’s behalf.

We may also collect personal information indirectly, including from:
• Prospective tenants that provide us with personal information about another applicant, emergency contact or referee on a tenancy application form;
• Mercantile agents, tenancy databases, courts, tenancy tribunals, rental bond authorities or insurers in respect of a tenant;
• An estate agent who has engaged us to manage a property; and utilities, tradespeople and contracts who are providing services in relation to a property.

We rely on tenants, prospective tenants and owners to ensure that, if they provide personal information about a third party, they obtain that third party’s consent or if that is not practicable, that they make the third party aware of the fact that their personal information has been provided to Golden Empire Real Estate.

Use and disclosure of information

Any personal information we obtain is used to help provide an efficient service to you or, in the case of tenants, to landlords that we may act on behalf of. It also helps in raising your awareness of Golden Age Group activities in other areas.

Accessing and correcting personal information we hold about you

Subject to any legal restrictions, Golden Empire Real Estate will let you know what personal information it holds about you if you ask. If your request is particularly complex or requires detailed searching of our records, there may be a cost to you in order for us to provide this information.

If you believe there are errors in our records about you, please let us know and we will investigate and correct any inaccuracies.

All requests for access to personal information held by us should be made in writing to the Privacy Officer at the addresses set out below. If you want to access personal information on behalf of another person, you will need to provide a signed written consent from that person.


Golden Empire Real Estate takes all reasonable steps to ensure the information it retains is accurate, complete and up to date. If any information we have is incorrect please contact us immediately and we will take all reasonable steps to correct it. All personal information is kept within a secure environment. Information obtained in our computer database is protected by fire walls and requires password access to designated personnel.

Complaints and further information

If you believe your privacy has been interfered with and want to make a complaint, please contact our Privacy Officer. The Privacy Officer will investigate your complaint and notify you of the outcome. If your complaint indicates that there has been an interference with your privacy by a person other than Golden Empire Real Estate, the Privacy Officer may discuss the complaint with that other person in an attempt to resolve it.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint or the way we handle it, you may make a complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at

If you would like further information on our privacy policy or if you have any concern about the protection of your personal information, please contact: